About Me


Portrait Editorial & Wedding Photographer


Fun Facts

I lived in copenhagen

i’ve held an oscar

i love chocolate

i’m a virgo

i met our president

i have a daughter

i’m a daddy’s girl

i’m a cannon girl


Nay Photography is comprised of a girl and her camera. The camera's name is of no consequence, and the girl's name is Naomi James. Naomi possesses a love for earrings, a repulsion for spiders, and a passion for photography. Naomi hunts for golden moments, the ones we often don't even see in our fast paced lives. Using natural light, fresh colour palettes and a splash of vintage fun, Naomi captures these moments and freezes them to share with the world.

Naomi has a general distaste for stuffy, awkward or slightly-too-businesslike moments, and creates a working environment that is relaxed, casual, spider free, and (dare we say) fun. Her passion for her work is apparent in every aspect of workflow, from the consultation to the moment you receive your Nay Photography art. 

Her time spent hunting for hip cafes in Copenhagen, braving Ireland's beaches barefoot, and soaking in the art of a good film and music all comes out in her art, making her photography fresh, relevant, and undeniably delectable.


Vendors I Love