Mark Loves Susan

Adventure shoots are so much fun! Especially when you have a couple who are willing to grin and bear any weather for the perfect shot. Susan and Mark’s anniversary session was that exactly. Susan a photographer herself (Something Elizabeth Photography)had always dreamed of having an anniversary session at the Cliffs Of Moher, so she was super excited when her hubby Mark agreed. The weather was less then perfect, which is pretty standard at the cliffs, but these guys took it all in their stride. Susan was so committed she even sported a bear foot approach to five it the airy feel.

Although the wind was killer strong that day you’d never know it to look at their faces. In between breaks to catch her breathe, Susan would count to three and smiling lovingly at Mark, just long enough to get these epic shots. I will forever tip my hat at them! The things you’ll do for love! Also the things we do for the perfect shot.

Thanks for letting me come a long to capture your love in such a special way. It was really epic to be apart of making your dream come true. Here’s to many more epic anniversaries for you guys!

Location: Cliffs Of Moher

Flowers: The Flower Studio

Skirt: Morning Lavender

Top: Jenny Yoo Collection